Why Your Purpose is what will Ultimately Lead to Your Success

The Ultimate Secret to Success is that successful people form the habit to do what other people don’t like to do, according to Albert E. N. Gray, author of The New Common Denominator of Success.

The thing is successful people don’t like to do the same things other people don’t like to do, however, they develop the habit of doing them.

In his book Gray boils success in sales down to the discipline and habit of “calling on people who don’t want to see us and talk to them about something they don’t want to talk about”. He goes into more depth than this one statement in his tiny, 41 page book (you might get it).

Why are successful people willing to do these uncomfortable things when failures aren’t? “Because the successful person has a purpose that is strong enough to make them form the habit of doing the things they don’t like to do in order to accomplish the purpose they want to accomplish. For doing them is more important to them than the option of failing.”

There are a few important facts in these statements….

  1. You first need to know the habits of successful people
  2. Developing an awareness of where you are not following these habits is important (I find it can be tricky to see in yourself)
  3. It’s important you be clear on or create a purpose for yourself – one that achieving it is more important than failing. This, too, is not always as easy to discover as you might at first think.

If you find yourself struggling… to pay bills, to grow your business, to change in some way…I suggest you take a deep, hard look at WHY you want to do this. What is your higher purpose? Sending your kids to college? Breaking generational patterns in your family? Because living an authentic life is important to you and you are passionate about helping others do the same? Because you never vacationed as a kid and you want to take your family on vacations?

If the purpose you first state is what has gotten you into a pickle in the first place, I say that your desire to achieve this purpose is not strong enough (the opposite is stronger – struggle, victim-hood, poverty, boredom, apathy or lack of passion) for you to develop the habits of doing the things you don’t want to do to achieve your goals. Simply stated – that’s probably not it.

“The strength which holds you to your purpose is not your own strength but the strength of the purpose itself” says Gray.

So, how can you know your purpose?

That, my dear friend, is the million dollar question!

Last week was our Marketing with SOUL workshop, where a small group of us success seekers put some SOUL in our marketing – and part of that involved looking at turning points in our lives and how that affects what we do now. It’s different for everyone and being clear on your purpose is what fundamentally connects you with your ideal clients and allows you to grow and build a business that is unique to you and is not commoditized above all else. It’s what makes you, you.

First step, figure your purpose out. Second step, share it. Be you. Your purpose and your passion belongs in your business and your marketing.

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