The Power of Your Story … and why it belongs in your marketing

Why are you in the business you are in?
How did you get where you are today?

Your prospects want to know about you. Since the beginning of time, one of the most poweStory_KellyRobbinsrful ways to connect with people has been to share your story. In business we do this on our website, in talks we give, and during sales conversations.

Your personal story can be:

  • Inspiring. 
  • Motivational.
  • Show positive character traits.
  • Make you human and relatable.
  • Demonstrate your passion and enthusiasm for why you can help.

Your story isn’t necessarily about making a sale – it’s about making a connection, which is what comes first. It’s a part of what makes your business unique.

Here’s an example of how using your story can create a connection and differentiate your business from everyone else who is doing the same thing:

One of my copywriting students, Mabel, is rewriting a website for a security alarm company. Mabel is tasked with writing copy for a company that is not getting any leads from their site, has five video’s on the home page (one per page please) and is in a competition heavy industry.

The main reason this company is making no connection with visitors is they just list products. There is no story. WHY are they in this business? HOW are they unique from the other 20 companies that do the same thing? WHY should I trust you?

Sharing the founder’s story could be the differentiator here. Now, I don’t know his story – but I would bet there is one. People usually have a reason for getting into the business they do. It’s been in the family for generations, he was held at gunpoint and almost lost his life, or lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in merchandise in a robbery. He believes security is important because….

Sharing your personal journey in a way that adds value and demonstrates your expertise takes some well thought out planning and strategy to be successful.

There is a specific way to craft your story for marketing purposes.

How to craft your story:

  1. Here’s where I was
  2. Here are the obstacles I overcame/challenges I faced

              – Turning point               – Turning point               – Turning point

3. Here’s where I am

Here’s an example of how this looks with my personal journey:

  • I was working a secure corporate J-O-B, had a custom home and two beautiful girls (with a third coming soon).
  • Life was completely out of balance. I was sick to my stomach not being home with kids AND not feeling I was doing enough at work. I was also getting bored and started questioning my life. Was this really it? Continue climbing the corporate ladder where I didn’t really fit in? This can’t be me living my life on purpose…
  • So I quit my job and started a freelance copywriting business
  • 5 years later maxed out on time and income – created info products/onsite trainings. Biz up, then nose-dived. WHY????
  • I went through a Spiritual journey/personal development period. What does it mean “doing vs being” and how does that affect making money? I was learning how to overcome my obstacles.
  • Made 23K in one month when came back to work from healing period. I now coach and help other entrepreneurs to grow their business through my coaching/training.

The outline for this story is mine. Can you see how this shows why I do what I do?

You can create this same type of story about your journey and how it relates to you serving others today. Take some time to think through it today.

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