Pick It and then Prove It!

Copywriting Institute_LookingGlassHow to be The Master of Your Niche

We have a goal – to make more money and help more people – which ultimately boils down to getting more clients. To get more clients you need to have more sales conversations. To have more sales conversations you need to bring in a steady stream of qualified leads.

Generating qualified leads is a process – that once set up can be repeated and automated. It’s marketing.

Before you even step into creating a website, e-zine, blog or social media pages – you’ve got to determine your business focus. You could call it a niche. You could call it an area of expertise. You could just say it’s who you help and how you help them.  It’s your specialty.

First you declare it as yours. Simply said just pick it – you’ll want to do something you enjoy and that’s a little different than everyone else.

Your second task is to go out and show you are an expert at what you do. Don’t write about copywriting, write about healthcare copywriting or travel copywriting or helping people uncover their story. Don’t be a “coach”. Be a “copywriting coach”, an “aligned coach”, a “coach for entrepreneurs”. Something that differentiates you and says what you do at the same time.

Once you’ve chosen your focus it’s then time to let everyone know what and how you do it by becoming an expert. That’s where effective marketing and system implementation comes in. Showing your expertise rather than telling is both an art and a science and it requires you to do marketing differently than most others. Being “an expert” happens over time and with a thoughtful, laid out strategy.

This is what sets successful and profitable businesses apart from the rest – they have a focus and they let the world know they are experts at it.

So far we’ve got

  1. Choose a focus
  2. Show your focus by being an expert at it
  3. Add the skills you need to make that happen

As an example, I started my first business as a freelance copywriter. I soon began searching for a niche to focus on (mostly because I had been reading books telling me to). I landed a hospital for a client, loved it, and chose to focus on writing copy for the healthcare industry – I became a ‘healthcare copywriter’.

The next step is to show your focus by being an expert at it. I did this by changing my e-zine to a healthcare marketing focus. My free report, e-zine, blogging, podcast – everything I wrote was specific to healthcare marketing and I discussed issues and problems specific to the hospitals and marketing directors in the field

Writing this way is both a skill and an art. It’s taking the information everyone else has access to and putting a slant to it.

Tools_KellyRobbinsNow if you are not familiar with your niche, like I wasn’t, you need to quickly add the skills to your toolbox to become an expert. It’s OK to go outside of your area of expertise when choosing your focus, but once you do you need to quickly add the skills necessary to make it happen.

You build your focus as an expert with your marketing. It’s imperative you get this right – this is where most people drop the ball!!

You won’t be successful in your niche, no matter how good you are, if you don’t have your marketing funnel and your systems set up correctly from the beginning.

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