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Why you need to create everything twice

Everything is created twice. First it is created in you, with a feeling. It is then created in form – where we can see and feel and experience it.

Everyone reading this is either in a place of creating a business, thinking about creating a business, or striving to create more in their business. When we are creating anything we plan, visualize or pray for what we want to create (you use what word works for you). Everything starts with a thought.

KellyRobbins_PrayerI recently learned a new principle and love it so much because it resonated so true for me.

You don’t pray for something, you pray ‘from’ something.

You don’t visualize and feel what you want, you visualize and feel what you already have. It’s then waiting to express itself in physical form.

The principle states everything is created twice; first in you and then in form.

Now, here’s the thing about spiritual principles. It doesn’t matter if you agree with them or not, they works regardless.

Let’s look at a different principle, such as math and see if this helps explain things more clearly. You can learn a little math, no math, or focus intently on mastering math. The more math you know the more you can use your knowledge to serve you. Math could care less if you use it or not, 2 + 2 is going to equal 4 regardless of your choices. You can even say 2 + 2 = 22 and believe you are right. The principle is not hurt or changed by your mistake. Your misuse of the principles of math simply means your checkbook won’t balance.

It’s up to us to decide to learn and use the principles of math if we want to balance our checkbook. Just like it’s up to us to learn and use the spiritual principles of creating correctly.

If you want to create a thriving and profitable business – start by doing the inner work and create that business inside you. Feeeel its success. Let go of the time factor and the outcomes for now, and work on the inner you.

Yes, this spiritual principle applies to you when you are creating your marketing, including your website, the pieces of your marketing funnel, even which clients you serve.

Kelly Robbins_ CreateSo pay attention to the space you are in when you are creating.

If you don’t have the results you want in life; the money, the relationships, the clients, it doesn’t mean you can’t have them. It doesn’t mean that you are not one of those ‘special people’ that always gets what they want so easily. It simply means you aren’t using the spiritual laws correctly. That’s all.

It’s now your job to figure out how you have misconstrued the laws and to start using them with intention.

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