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Everything that gets done is in Conversation

Would you like to make more money? Have better quality relationships in your life? Feel confident that you are genuinely present and of service every time you interact with someone? Know that you make a difference in everyone’s life that you come in contact with?procurement_conversation

Creating these wonderful outcomes doesn’t come from external tasks and practicing your elevator pitch for hours before attending a networking event. Or having that perfect business card and the most efficient marketing system on the planet.

These outcomes emanate from conversations you have.

If you would like to improve your sales numbers, or the quality of your personal relationships, take a look at what types of conversations you are having. Just as important as what you are saying is how you are being and where you are coming from when interacting with people.

What are the energy levels of the conversations you engage in?

The energy level of each conversation is more important than anything you can say. People will spend days and weeks putting together and practicing their “elevator pitch” when what they should be looking at first is the intention behind their conversations.

Here are six energy levels you can be in in business:

  1. Victim energy. At mercy of circumstances. Blaming everything and everyone for the conditions of your life and business. Why you don’t have money, clients or work.
  2. Proving energy. Conversations about what’s wrong because you don’t trust yourself. Want to prove you are valuable and competent – often features and benefits based conversations. Talking about competition and comparing yourself to others.
  3. Understanding energy. Spending time justifying and explaining things. Who you are, what you do and why you do it. This person spends time understanding where the person they are talking to is and figuring them out, but doesn’t stand for making change. Accepts what is and doesn’t push.

The first three levels are draining levels of energy and do not support building a thriving business or a happy life. They suck energy from others rather than add to life. Let’s take a look at the some positive energy levels you can work from….

  1. Energy of Concern and Compassion. Coming from “this isn’t personal” when discussing business. Not trying to make something happen. Going into conversation looking for the greatest and highest good for the other person. Coming from a place of “I can help you”. If it’s not you that can help them it’s someone you can refer them to. Little bit of ego in there. Looking for what’s going on that you can fix.
  2. Win/win energy. More collaborative than the energy above. Looking for what’s right to build on. How can you empower this person with what’s working? Conversation is purposeful and not just chatty. A person in this energy level engages in purposeful conversation and doesn’t talk just to fill space.

When in this energy level you come from a belief that whatever you are saying is actually creating reality right now, what we say crafts what is possible. Not looking for “what’s wrong with this person that I can fix”, looking for “here’s what’s working for this person how can we build on this”? How can you empower this person with what’s working? Great energy if looking for joint venture partners.

  1. Energy of Connection. Honoring your own intuition and trusting the part deep within you that knows what to say and who to connect with. Coming from place of spirituality – a knowing that God/spirit brought this person to you (and you to them) for a reason. There’s a higher purpose behind the conversation. Absolutely trusting that everyone you have a conversation with is for a purpose. A lot of curiosity and certainty. Certain that everywhere you are is where you are supposed to be.

How are you feeling when you are in sales conversations? At networking events? What level of energy and “being” are you coming from? What would your life look like if you could change up one energy level in your business conversations?

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21 Ways to Strengthen Faith… in Your Business, and Your Life

Here is an excerpt from the book, God Works Through Faith, by Robert A. Russell (pgs 16-17).  I read this book over and over again and learn new things each time. I pull it out when I am in a funky place. I pull it out when I am grouchy or feeling stressed. I pull it out when I feel stuck. I was reading it this morning and thought about how faith in ourselves is important to all of us, particularly when we take the leap to start our own business. I thought I would share this one section with you and hope it helps you where ever you are in your business today.God Works Through Faith, Book, Business, Empower, Inspire

If you don’t believe in God, or the word itself makes you squeamish, I encourage you to read this article anyway. Find a different word to substitute. The universe, energy, flow…whatever works for you. Read and embody the message rather than get caught up in semantics. I have added some comments in green after a few of the statements to bring into focus how faith relates to building a business. I had thought about modernizing the wording and paraphrasing some of these but decided you should interpret these for yourself in a way that suits you — it’s your journey.

How to Strengthen Faith

  1. Be expectant, confident, and optimistic.
  2. Keep your enthusiasm strong; never allow yourself to be discouraged or depressed.
  3. Fill your mind with interest, enthusiasm, ambition.
  4. Keep your ambition and aspiration high; cultivate patience and perseverance.
  5. Keep your imagination centered in what you want and keep your faith moving toward it.
  6. Keep your consciousness expanding, growing and moving to higher levels.
  7. Be positive in your thought, feeling, and action.
  8. Accentuate the positive in every situation. Never allow yourself to dwell upon misery, sickness, operations, symptoms, reverses, misfortunes, or bad luck. Lack of clients, not being good enough, fear, no money
  9. Never depreciate, criticize, minimize, or speak disparagingly of your self. Never dwell upon your mistakes. Think always of yourself as growing, expanding and becoming more efficient, resourceful and dynamic. Be aware of your self talk! Control your self talk.
  10. Look for the good in everything and everybody. Refuse to recognize anything but the good.
  11. Seek the best of everything and know that your mind will produce it. KNOW that your business will be successful. KNOW that you are here to help people. Seek high-paying clients. Seek clients that LOVE you and the work you do. Seek ease and grace in your growth.
  12. Think in large terms. The more you expect, the more your faith will bring to you.
  13. Convince your mind that what you seek is already here, that it is yours now.
  14. Train your mind to think in terms of abundance; never allow it to dwell upon lack or limitation in any form.
  15. Stimulate your faculties and talents by increasing your demands upon them. Get training. Read books. Take course and workshops. Push yourself to be better.
  16. When you meet trouble of any kind, refuse to be worried or disturbed by it. Know that you are bigger than any adverse thing that happens to you and have the power to overcome it. If you don’t make a sale, another will come. A client doesn’t appreciate work you did for them, it’s ok. Everyone is not going to love your work. Some will, some won’t.
  17. Meet every problem with the conviction that it is already solved. See it an as opportunity to prove God. See it as an opportunity to prove faith and abundance.
  18. Face every difficulty with courage, strength, and fortitude; determined to turn it to good account.
  19. Know that you have the power to adjust anything, change anything, correct anything, overcome anything, or subdue anything.
  20. Act always with the Truth; and never allow yourself to compromise with evil. If the Truth is to make you free, you must rely upon it. You must pass from belief to trust. Never allow yourself to entertain failure. Know YOUR truth. YOUR dreams and wishes.
  21. Believe the unbelievable. God goes all out for you when you go all out for God. When you go all out for you, the universe, the law of attraction, whatever you believe will bring you what you desire.


Happy Copywriting!

Kelly Robbins, MA