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Running a business, doing your own marketing, generating qualified leads and content to keep in touch with our clients and prospects all requires some basic writing and marketing skills.

Perhaps when you sit down to write you feel a block and are struggling to move past it. Or you know how to sell and communicate your message live or on video, but when it comes to writing it, it just doesn’t feel right.

From creating your own sales pages for product launches to increasing open rates on your e-zine, working with a writing coach might be just what you need to break through the energy blocks and preventing you from taking your business to the next level.

Watch the video and learn more about having fun with your Marketing Funnel here!

If you want your marketing to work you need to have some SOUL in your marketing
Discover your voice. Have confidence in your written sales and marketing skills. Work through energetic blocks. Make more money working authentically in your business. Create your marketing pieces with coaching and guidance.

If you have been thinking about starting your own business for a while, but are frozen when you think about where to start it may be time to get some help.

If you already have a business but feel stuck and overwhelmed with what steps to take next to make more money, it might by time to get some coaching help.

Oftentimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. This happens particularly in business – and successful business owners and marketers know getting an outside perspective from a professional can literally shave years off the learning curve and save thousands of dollars.

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Marketing Funnel Blueprint — Want some one-on-one help with me to get your sales on track? To finally break through the muck and find out what your next steps are and best practices for automating your marketing? Check out our Marketing Funnel Blueprint.

1. Your individual Marketing Funnel Blueprint. I will help you fill the gaps in your marketing process.
2. We will evaluate what’s working. What’s not. And what you next steps are.
3. Create a system designed to bring in 175 or more pre-qualified leads a month.
4. Have people ready to buy schedule time to speak with you without having to hunt them down.
5. Discover your strengths and weaknesses.
6. Create a game plan for your business profitability and success.

Get your Marketing Funnel Blueprint with special introductory pricing with Kelly Robbins here now.

Clients on Purpose – Imagine how different your life will be when you consistently bring in 175 new leads a month, have sales calls scheduled automatically each day — with pre-qualified prospects — and your marketing is systematized and automated so you don’t spend countless hours each day stressing about what marketing tasks to do when.

How different will your life be when the sales conversations you have are with people that…

  • Already know who you are
  • Know what you stand for and how you can help them achieve their goals
  • Are certain with absolute clarity you are the one to help them take their business/life to the next level

Let me introduce you to a system that will allow you to Attract Clients on Purpose.

Working with Kelly as my coach has been the massive shot in the arm my freelanceMe career needed. She helped me to develop the tools, the knowledge and most important, the attitude that I needed to go from taking jobs as a hired hand to driving my own business.  I’ve also been able to get to root of what has kept me from being truly successful in my work and smash past those limitations. Kelly asks a lot of you, but you will get tenfold in return!

I now have three clients on retainer, with a fourth in the works which may involve travel to Italy sometime in 2015. So yes, things are pretty terrific.

Janice Sakata-Schultze
Master Marketing and Copy Sherpa
Schultze Copywriting

“Working with Kelly transformed my business. Month by month, we uncovered and tackled obstacles that kept holding me back. She taught me how to systematize my business, helped me to rediscover confidence in myself and gave me honest, personalized advice. She suggested books and resources that fueled me through rough patches. She taught me to stay focused on my goals. After working with Kelly, I am consistently growing and making money doing what I love. I no longer feel anxiety about quoting project fees because, thanks to her, I understand my worth in the marketplace.Kristi Ward Image

Thank you, Kelly! “
Kristi Ward
Writing, Public Relations, Communications Solutions
Interview with copywriter and marketer Kristi Ward

Kelly –

Thank you thank you thank you for our call this morning. Once again, I am grateful that I didn’t quit, run away or put it off for another week.

My attitude and energy have totally shifted because of our call. I am so excited about what is possible and what we are going to create! I so appreciate you and am thankful that I met you.

I know that I haven’t been playing from true choice and I think the main reason is because I gave up along the way – and have been coming from a place of ‘why bother, it’s not going to happen anyway’. After today I have hope! It’s a joyous thing!

Love love love you!new headshot michelle
Michelle Fournier
Listen in on this interview with Michelle Fournier and hear how she discovered how to play to win, find her purpose and honor herself.
Interview with Professional Speaker and Coach Michelle Fournier

I work as a field marketing manager for a leading global technology company. Email and web copywriting, (something I’d never done before), is a major part of my job. Earlier this year I ran an analysis of the hundreds of emails I’d written during the past 12 months. Although my emails consistently delivered double-digit open rates, my click-through and conversion rates were average at best. I knew I needed to improve the effectiveness of my copy, so I turned to the web where I found Kelly Robbins and The Copywriting Institute. After a discussion, Kelly fashioned a personal coaching plan where she provides feedback on copy for active projects. Specifically she’s helping me create:

  • Customer-centric body copy
  • Impactful headlines
  • Stronger calls to action
  • Powerful bullets and subheads

The sales people I support are thrilled! The higher click-through rate has resulted in an increase in the number of unique visitors to our website, and a higher percentage of prospects who engage their salesperson with a clear understanding of why they need our product. By improving my copywriting skill, Kelly has contributed value to my sales teams, my company, and our customers.

Yvonne Brandon
Manager, Small Business Marketing
Concur Technologies, Inc.


I canIMG_5434 thumb‘t tell you how much you have helped me as my career coach. Our coaching calls helped me figure out my new career and how to get there.
Your energetic and motivational style helped me look inside myself to plan my career and create goals for my future. The sessions helped me find my true calling.
You taught me that I can change my life and pursue anything I want. No words can express how grateful I am for your coaching skills.

Mary Battaglia
Listen in on Mary’s interview with Kelly Robbins here