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Speechwriting course

Speechwriting is one of the top paying writing careers around today. Making anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 a speech, this highly in-demand niche is starving for freelance writers. Politicians, executive’s at large corporations, the guy down the street that needs to do a toast for his best friends wedding – they all need speechwriters and there aren’t enough of those to go around.

Every speech you hear on television, most seminars, workshops, board of directors meetings, keynote speeches and even new product launches are written by a speech writer. If you think about the thousands of seminars and meetings people in the US alone attend every day, you have a feel for how large this industry really is.

Politicians and CEO’s are giving speeches regardless of the economy and what is going on around us – in fact, they are probably giving even MORE speeches now than ever before. Speaking in public and giving a talk are rated scarier than death for most people. How do people alleviate that fear? By having a professional write their speeches for them.

Learn to write podcasts

In addition to speech writing, because of the growing popularity of iPods and mp3s players, podcasting is adding to the growing demand for writers that write “for the ear” rather than “for the eye”. Our speechwriting course discusses writing podcasts too.

Podcasting can be an easy upsell for copywriters that write ezine articles or web copy, as podcasts and audio pop-ups on websites are growing in popularity and proven to be effective marketing tools.

What you’ll learn in this course:

  • Learn how large the speechwriting industry really is and how to break into the market
  • How to make a six-figure income writing speeches
  • How to write a speech – you’ll actually write one in this class, so you have experience and a sample.
  • What do you do after you’ve been hired to write a speech. How to interview, what to ask, what you can expect from clients and what information you have to find on your own.
  • How to write for “the ear” rather than “the eye”
  • How to present your speech to clients
  • Hear from speech writing guru Joan Detz in a one-on-one interview just for The Copywriting Institute students
  • The format of podcasts. What they are and how the growing demand for this one niche alone will keep you busy for months
  • Hear from successful speech writer Colin Moorhouse on how he makes a handsome living solely writing speeches for corporate executives.

Who Should Apply:

  • Aspiring speechwriters
  • Copywriters interested in learning to write speeches or podcasts
  • Marketing, Communications, and Human Resource employees that need to write a speech and haven’t before
  • Coaches, marketers and entrepreneurs interested in adding supplemental income writing speeches to their business.

How the speech writing for copywriters course works:

Coursework and assignments are instantly emailed to you upon payment. All homework assignments are submitted to The Copywriting Institute via email. Our comments and feedback are provided in written form.

There are several sections to this course, you will submit some “prep work” before you begin writing your speech. After your prep work is approved you are then asked to write a speech.

Caution: This course is not for the thin-skinned writer. Our graduates leave this class knowing how to write an effective speech. If your speech isn’t up-to-snuff we will tell you. Our feedback is honest and tough. You keep writing your piece until it is good enough to graduate from this course. You don’t have that luxury with a client, but you do with us.

What’s included in the course:

  • Coursework
  • Audio interview with Joan Detz
  • Audio interview with Colin Moorhouse
  • Written feedback on all coursework – do it until you get it right
  • Certificate of completion from The Copywriting Institute

About our expert interviewees:

Joan Detz is the author of four successful speechwriting books, including HOW TO WRITE & GIVE A SPEECH, which The Washington Post called “a how-to classic.” CAN YOU SAY A FEW WORDS? focuses on “special occasion” speeches (awards, commencements, eulogies, building dedications, retirements, etc).  The New York Times noted CAN YOU SAY A FEW WORDS? in its Business Section.

Since 1984, Joan Detz has offered speaker services to major organizations – coaching executives, teaching speechwriting workshops and conducting media training. Since 1992, she has taught The Joan Detz Seminar Series – with speechwriting seminars for Basic, Advanced and Master levels.  Her newest seminar is called, “The Business of Six-Figure Speechwriting:  How to Succeed … on Staff or Freelance.”

Colin Moorhouse is has been freelance speech writer since 1993 with clients in the public and private sectors. He operates out of Vancouver, British Columbia, but “his” speeches have been delivered in major venues around the world on topics that span a spectrum of social and public policy issues. He teaches the craft through corporate and government workshops, and at Simon Fraser University. He has two web sites: one on making a living as a freelance writer (www.fearlessfreelancing.com); the other on the craft of speech writing (www.weneedaspeech.com).  He writes two newsletters of his own, and is an occasional contributor to the Speechwriter’s Newsletter.

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