Write Effective Brochures

Knowing how to write copy for a brochure is a must for any professional copywriter, marketer, and entrepreneur. Most businesses have a brochure and they used for many different purposes, such as leave behinds for sales people, mailers to prospects, and to handout at trade shows and events.

Because one brochure can be used for so many different purposes, it’s important they are written a certain way. If you just throw a bunch of information together the brochure will be ineffective and simply be thrown away. A brochure IS a sales piece and should move the reader forward in the sales cycle. As the copywriter your job is to know where the reader falls in the sales cycle and how to move them forward.

What you’ll learn in this course:

  • What should be in your brochure
  • What you should NOT ever put in a brochure
  • The two main types of brochures and when you should use each
  • The different ways companies use brochures
  • How to ensure your brochure inspires action
  • What the copywriters objectives should be when creating a brochure
  • The role photos play
  • How to present copy to your client (formatting, etc)
  • Questions you should always ask your client
  • Specific steps to take to ensure your client likes your ideas before you write anything

Who Should Apply:

  • Aspiring copywriters
  • Copywriters interested in learning to write brochures
  • Marketing, Communications, and Human Resource employees that create brochures
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Coaches, marketers and entrepreneurs interested in adding supplemental income to their business.

How the brochure writing copywriting course works:

Coursework and assignments are instantly emailed to you upon payment. All homework assignments are submitted to The Copywriting Institute via email. Our comments and feedback are provided in written form.

There are several sections to this course, you will submit some “prep work” before you begin writing any copy. After your prep work is approved you are then asked to write copy for a brochure. Based on information provided you will suggest what type of brochure will work best for the client and offer suggestions on what content you recommend for their specific audience.

Caution: This course is not for the thin-skinned writer. Our graduates leave this class knowing how to write effective copy. If your copy isn’t up-to-snuff we will tell you. Our feedback is honest and tough. You keep writing your piece until it is good enough to graduate from this course. You don’t have that luxury with a client, but you do with us.

What’s included in the course:

  • Coursework
  • Questions you should always ask a client before creating a brochure
  • 10 point copy checklist
  • The Prewriting Checklist
  • 5 quick tips to strengthen your everyday writing
  • Written feedback on all coursework – do it until you get it right
  • Certificate of completion from The Copywriting Institute

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