Master Writing Advertorials

An advertorial is an advertisement that looks like an article written by a journalist. At first glance an advertorial looks like a part of the paper rather than an ad. Which is why they are more likely to be read than an advertisement and why they are being used more often by businesses than ever before.

Writing advertorials is a very cost-effective way for businesses to reach consumers and copywriters are being hired to write them in record numbers.

If a client asked you to write an advertorial would you know how? Do you have any clients that could benefit by you writing them an advertorial?

What you’ll learn in the advertorial copywriting course:

  • What an advertorial looks like
  • How all advertorials start
  • What differentiates an advertorial from an advertisement
  • Techniques for ensuring your advertorial looks “newsworthy”
  • How to strengthen your advertorial with facts and statistics
  • Deciding whether or not to quote experts in advertorials
  • Tips for interviewing subject matter experts
  • How to ensure your advertorial inspires action from the reader

Who should apply:

  • Aspiring copywriters
  • Copywriters that have never written advertorials before and want experience before adding to their list of services
  • Marketing and Communications employees that write their own copy
  • Entrepreneurs that want to learn to write their advertorial
  • Coaches, marketers and entrepreneurs interested in adding supplemental income to their business.

How the advertorial copywriting course works:

Coursework and assignment are emailed to you upon payment. All homework assignments are submitted to The Copywriting Institute via email. Our comments and feedback to you is provided in written form.

There are several sections to this course, you will submit some “prep work” before you begin writing any copy. After your prep work is approved you are then asked to write a 250 word advertorial.

Caution: This course is not for the thin-skinned writer. Our graduates leave this class knowing how to write effective copy. If your copy isn’t up-to-snuff we will tell you. Our feedback is honest and tough. You keep writing your piece until it is good enough to graduate from this course. You don’t have that luxury with a client, but you do with us.

What’s included in the course:

  • Coursework
  • Sample of how an advertorial should be presented to client
  • Sample of advertorial printed in newspaper
  • 10 point copy checklist
  • The Prewriting Checklist
  • Healthcare Copywriting Secrets Revealed Ebook
  • 5 quick tips to strengthen your everyday writing
  • Written feedback on all coursework – do it until you get it right
  • Certificate of completion from The Copywriting Institute

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