Creating Effective Newsletters and E-zines

How to Create Effective Newsletters and E-zines

Companies large and small publish short, educational articles to grow their business as well as maintain and strengthen their relationship with clients. Businesses use educational articles to persuade employees to act a certain way. These articles educate clients on new products and services and to change behaviors.

Human resource departments, communications departments, marketing departments, publishing companies, advertising agencies, entrepreneurs….tons of different types of businesses need writers that can write short, powerful content.

What you may not know is that it’s often harder to write something short and sweet than it is to write a 2,500 word paper on it. Writing short content that persuades the reader to take an action is a skill that is learned and it takes practice and hard work.

What you’ll learn in this course:

  • The one key factor that makes some educational articles more successful than others
  • Key concepts to success
  • How to write to sell in a short amount of space while educating the reader
  • What you HAVE to ask the client to ensure the articles success
  • Learn your clients goal for the piece
  • Specific questions you have to ask your client
  • What format to present the articles in
  • Nuances to writing for publication companies
  • How to work with staff writers without being a threat
  • How to show your sources

Who Should Apply:

  • Aspiring copywriters
  • Copywriters interested in learning to write extremely short, effective copy
  • Marketing, Communications, and Human Resource employees that develop internal magazines or communications for clients
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Coaches, marketers and entrepreneurs interested in adding supplemental income to their business.

How the newsletter article copywriting course works:

Coursework and assignments are instantly emailed to you upon payment. All homework assignments are submitted to The Copywriting Institute via email. Our comments and feedback  is provided in written form.

There are several sections to this course, you will submit some “prep work” before you begin writing any copy. After your prep work is approved you are then asked to write a 150-175 word article that accomplishes several goals for the client while persuading the reader to take action in a subtle way.

Caution: This course is not for the thin-skinned writer. Our graduates leave this class knowing how to write effective copy. If your copy isn’t up-to-snuff we will tell you. Our feedback is honest and tough. You keep writing your piece until it is good enough to graduate from this course. You don’t have that luxury with a client, but you do with us.

What’s included in the course:

  • Coursework
  • Sample of newsletter article written for company magazine, going to existing clients
  • 10 point copy checklist
  • The Prewriting Checklist
  • 5 quick tips to strengthen your everyday writing
  • Written feedback on all coursework – do it until you get it right
  • Certificate of completion from The Copywriting InstituteHow to Create Effective Newsletters and E-zines

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