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Why Your Purpose is what will Ultimately Lead to Your Success

The Ultimate Secret to Success is that successful people form the habit to do what other people don’t like to do, according to Albert E. N. Gray, author of The New Common Denominator of Success.

The thing is successful people don’t like to do the same things other people don’t like to do, however, they develop the habit of doing them.

In his book Gray boils success in sales down to the discipline and habit of “calling on people who don’t want to see us and talk to them about something they don’t want to talk about”. He goes into more depth than this one statement in his tiny, 41 page book (you might get it).

Why are successful people willing to do these uncomfortable things when failures aren’t? “Because the successful person has a purpose that is strong enough to make them form the habit of doing the things they don’t like to do in order to accomplish the purpose they want to accomplish. For doing them is more important to them than the option of failing.”

There are a few important facts in these statements….

  1. You first need to know the habits of successful people
  2. Developing an awareness of where you are not following these habits is important (I find it can be tricky to see in yourself)
  3. It’s important you be clear on or create a purpose for yourself – one that achieving it is more important than failing. This, too, is not always as easy to discover as you might at first think.

If you find yourself struggling… to pay bills, to grow your business, to change in some way…I suggest you take a deep, hard look at WHY you want to do this. What is your higher purpose? Sending your kids to college? Breaking generational patterns in your family? Because living an authentic life is important to you and you are passionate about helping others do the same? Because you never vacationed as a kid and you want to take your family on vacations?

If the purpose you first state is what has gotten you into a pickle in the first place, I say that your desire to achieve this purpose is not strong enough (the opposite is stronger – struggle, victim-hood, poverty, boredom, apathy or lack of passion) for you to develop the habits of doing the things you don’t want to do to achieve your goals. Simply stated – that’s probably not it.

“The strength which holds you to your purpose is not your own strength but the strength of the purpose itself” says Gray.

So, how can you know your purpose?

That, my dear friend, is the million dollar question!

Last week was our Marketing with SOUL workshop, where a small group of us success seekers put some SOUL in our marketing – and part of that involved looking at turning points in our lives and how that affects what we do now. It’s different for everyone and being clear on your purpose is what fundamentally connects you with your ideal clients and allows you to grow and build a business that is unique to you and is not commoditized above all else. It’s what makes you, you.

First step, figure your purpose out. Second step, share it. Be you. Your purpose and your passion belongs in your business and your marketing.

When it Comes to Marketing is it Better Done Than Perfect?

Yesterday my coach did a training on marketing and creating free giveaways. It was brought up that there was a person with a seven-figure business that had three short videos as her free giveaway.

The discussion that made me stop and pay attention was how her videos are in many ways doing everything “wrong”, yet she still has a highly successful million dollar business.

In the video the lighting is bad, she just uses her laptop on the couch to record it, there is clutter in the background…yet, she has a seven figure business.

What’s that about?

This person is just one more example of what it means to have SOUL in your marketing.

soulThat connecting with people in a genuine way is what attracts them to you, your authenticity and your essence is what matters – not your perfection.

Now, I would never recommend that you do your marketing and advertising wrong, or not follow best practices. I’m not saying that. What I am saying is that there is more to connecting with people and building a thriving business than what you are ‘doing’ and how perfect everything is.

It’s about both.

When you are first starting out, and often lacking confidence, there is a tendency to work on your marketing way longer than necessary simply because you want it be the best.

The truth is success loves speed, and you are more likely to move forward faster if you get it done and get it out there (and maybe fix it up later) than perfecting something and not being out there selling.

There are millions of folks out there with “perfect” content, perfect marketing materials, consistent advertising, that aren’t making any money. They are doing everything they are “supposed to be doing”, yet missing the one essential ingredient that is difficult to teach, yet you know it subconsciously when it you see it.

It’s SOUL…

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Why you need to create everything twice

Everything is created twice. First it is created in you, with a feeling. It is then created in form – where we can see and feel and experience it.

Everyone reading this is either in a place of creating a business, thinking about creating a business, or striving to create more in their business. When we are creating anything we plan, visualize or pray for what we want to create (you use what word works for you). Everything starts with a thought.

KellyRobbins_PrayerI recently learned a new principle and love it so much because it resonated so true for me.

You don’t pray for something, you pray ‘from’ something.

You don’t visualize and feel what you want, you visualize and feel what you already have. It’s then waiting to express itself in physical form.

The principle states everything is created twice; first in you and then in form.

Now, here’s the thing about spiritual principles. It doesn’t matter if you agree with them or not, they works regardless.

Let’s look at a different principle, such as math and see if this helps explain things more clearly. You can learn a little math, no math, or focus intently on mastering math. The more math you know the more you can use your knowledge to serve you. Math could care less if you use it or not, 2 + 2 is going to equal 4 regardless of your choices. You can even say 2 + 2 = 22 and believe you are right. The principle is not hurt or changed by your mistake. Your misuse of the principles of math simply means your checkbook won’t balance.

It’s up to us to decide to learn and use the principles of math if we want to balance our checkbook. Just like it’s up to us to learn and use the spiritual principles of creating correctly.

If you want to create a thriving and profitable business – start by doing the inner work and create that business inside you. Feeeel its success. Let go of the time factor and the outcomes for now, and work on the inner you.

Yes, this spiritual principle applies to you when you are creating your marketing, including your website, the pieces of your marketing funnel, even which clients you serve.

Kelly Robbins_ CreateSo pay attention to the space you are in when you are creating.

If you don’t have the results you want in life; the money, the relationships, the clients, it doesn’t mean you can’t have them. It doesn’t mean that you are not one of those ‘special people’ that always gets what they want so easily. It simply means you aren’t using the spiritual laws correctly. That’s all.

It’s now your job to figure out how you have misconstrued the laws and to start using them with intention.

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Doing the Wrong Things for the Right Reasons in Business (and how to recognize when you are doing them)

Kelly_Robbins_PathMost of us got into business because we wanted to do good in the world. We wanted to help people and to make money doing it.

We are good people and do our best to always do the right thing. Most of you reading this are here because you are on a path to living consciously and focusing (with intention) on doing the right thing.

Many of us struggle to make the money we want and build our business. If you are banging your head against the wall and telling me “I am doing everything I know to do and am still not making the money I want to make. The guy down the street is doing less and making three times more than me – effortlessly! What am I doing wrong?”

It may not be WHAT you are doing but WHY you are doing it that is the problem. You are doing the wrong thing for the right reason.

How can you tell if you are doing the wrong thing for the right reason?

One way is to check in with yourself. You might be feeling frustrated. Inauthentic. Not experiencing growth. Having a stagnant or declining income. Lack of passion in your work or in your sales conversations. Like you are going through the motions of what you are “supposed to do” but lacking oomph.

Sometimes, in fact frequently when it comes to sales and marketing, we are doing the wrong thing for the right reason. The right reason being we want to help others, we want to grow our business, we want to support ourselves. These are all good reasons to promote ourselves. However, we sometimes take actions – particularly in sales and marketing – for the wrong reasons.

How does doing the wrong thing for the right reason show up in business and marketing?

  • Find out what everyone else is doing and copying it. When you do this you are going through the motions of marketing rather than following your intuition and doing what’s right for YOU.
  • Cutting back (shrinking) rather than expanding (growing). You and your business are either shrinking and dying or growing and expanding. Everything in existence is either growing or dying.
  • Thinking Field of Dreams was real…..If you build it they will come. Just because you open your massage studio doesn’t mean the clients will appear – you have to get the word out. It’s called sales and marketing.
  • Making decisions based solely on demographic information. You need to know this information, but it’s not everything. Pay attention to who comes, create what you want to create without making assumptions about how far people will drive and how much they will spend.
  • Assuming more clients = more money. You have to know your numbers. Don’t avoid them – embrace them.
  • Trying to make everybody happy and comfortable.

It’s not about the outward appearance of your actions but about the heart. When we do the wrong thing for the right reason we are often motivated by fear, trying to get recognition and approval from people (for example helping the homeless but then making sure everyone knows about it), or doing something because everyone else is (such as social media marketing).

Happy Copywriting!

– Kelly Robbins, MA

Everything that gets done is in Conversation

Would you like to make more money? Have better quality relationships in your life? Feel confident that you are genuinely present and of service every time you interact with someone? Know that you make a difference in everyone’s life that you come in contact with?procurement_conversation

Creating these wonderful outcomes doesn’t come from external tasks and practicing your elevator pitch for hours before attending a networking event. Or having that perfect business card and the most efficient marketing system on the planet.

These outcomes emanate from conversations you have.

If you would like to improve your sales numbers, or the quality of your personal relationships, take a look at what types of conversations you are having. Just as important as what you are saying is how you are being and where you are coming from when interacting with people.

What are the energy levels of the conversations you engage in?

The energy level of each conversation is more important than anything you can say. People will spend days and weeks putting together and practicing their “elevator pitch” when what they should be looking at first is the intention behind their conversations.

Here are six energy levels you can be in in business:

  1. Victim energy. At mercy of circumstances. Blaming everything and everyone for the conditions of your life and business. Why you don’t have money, clients or work.
  2. Proving energy. Conversations about what’s wrong because you don’t trust yourself. Want to prove you are valuable and competent – often features and benefits based conversations. Talking about competition and comparing yourself to others.
  3. Understanding energy. Spending time justifying and explaining things. Who you are, what you do and why you do it. This person spends time understanding where the person they are talking to is and figuring them out, but doesn’t stand for making change. Accepts what is and doesn’t push.

The first three levels are draining levels of energy and do not support building a thriving business or a happy life. They suck energy from others rather than add to life. Let’s take a look at the some positive energy levels you can work from….

  1. Energy of Concern and Compassion. Coming from “this isn’t personal” when discussing business. Not trying to make something happen. Going into conversation looking for the greatest and highest good for the other person. Coming from a place of “I can help you”. If it’s not you that can help them it’s someone you can refer them to. Little bit of ego in there. Looking for what’s going on that you can fix.
  2. Win/win energy. More collaborative than the energy above. Looking for what’s right to build on. How can you empower this person with what’s working? Conversation is purposeful and not just chatty. A person in this energy level engages in purposeful conversation and doesn’t talk just to fill space.

When in this energy level you come from a belief that whatever you are saying is actually creating reality right now, what we say crafts what is possible. Not looking for “what’s wrong with this person that I can fix”, looking for “here’s what’s working for this person how can we build on this”? How can you empower this person with what’s working? Great energy if looking for joint venture partners.

  1. Energy of Connection. Honoring your own intuition and trusting the part deep within you that knows what to say and who to connect with. Coming from place of spirituality – a knowing that God/spirit brought this person to you (and you to them) for a reason. There’s a higher purpose behind the conversation. Absolutely trusting that everyone you have a conversation with is for a purpose. A lot of curiosity and certainty. Certain that everywhere you are is where you are supposed to be.

How are you feeling when you are in sales conversations? At networking events? What level of energy and “being” are you coming from? What would your life look like if you could change up one energy level in your business conversations?

Interested in catapulting your business forward today?

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