Keep Your Dreams to Yourself – Protect Them with Your Life

Your dreams are something precious and unique only to you. You have your specific dreams for a reason – because you have it in you to achieve them. If you didn’t you wouldn’t have the dream in the first place. You may not be in a place to achieve them right this second, however, it is your obligation to yourself to begin taking the steps to bring your dreams to reality…no matter how far out they may seem at the moment.

I have a friend who has had a dream of owning a castle and renting it out as a resort destination. She has, in fact, had this crystal clear vision of owning a castle (in France to be exact) since she was a child. She recently embarked on a journey to accomplish her goal of owning a castle and found the one in her vision. It was a mere 22 million dollars. Not having 22 million dollars in her pocket my friend began taking steps to get closer to her goal. She researched recruiting investors, borrowing the money, spoke with business professionals and locals to learn more about how to purchase it.

While my friend still doesn’t own her castle she has taken serious steps towards her goal…she recently quit her J-O-B in an engineering firm and is moving to France. She just purchased a one way ticket. She is serious about making her dream a reality and rather than stopping every time Castle, orange, dreams, blue, Princess, Moneyshe runs into an obstacle (like not having 22 million dollars) she looks for alternative steps to get herself closer to her goal. Such as moving to France. I am quite sure her next step will be to get a job at a castle or that specific castle if possible.

I remember when I was first starting my copywriting business and I was doing research on the industry. I had read that copywriters could make $60 an hour. Certain people close to me actually mocked me and make fun of me in public. Who was I to make $60 an hour? AND work from home and be with my kids? I was ridiculed – and this was by the people that were closest to me, the ones that loved me. They weren’t doing this to harm me, the intent was to help me realize how unrealistic my dream was and to find something more logical.

Thankfully I didn’t listen to them and became a freelance copywriter anyway. As I write this I imagine what those same people would say if they knew how much I made an hour now J.

The take away from this is that most people around us are not dreamers. They can do something as subtle as a slight breath or a minor shift in their body such as squaring their shoulders that, whether intentionally or not, sends a message that you are crazy and irresponsible and need to get back to reality.

The truth is your dreams are actually meant just for you and there is a power in keeping them to yourself. There is an energy that builds when you keep your secret. Once you talk about your secret dream you release that pent-up energy. Your dreams, your deep down secret dreams, are between you and your higher power. It’s not for someone else to tell you what your dream are or should be, it’s not for someone else to tell you it’s impractical or impossible or ridiculous to follow your dreams. Again, it’s not that your friends and family don’t love you; it’s that it’s your dream, not theirs. They are genuinely trying to help you (I am giving them the benefit of the doubt). They have been raised and programmed and experienced specific things and those things may not empower you.

This weeks’ advice for you – keep your dreams private. Let the energy behind them build as YOU take one step at a time on YOUR path to achieving them.  Your dreams are not for others to judge.

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Happy Copywriting!

Kelly Robbins, MA

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