Doing the Wrong Things for the Right Reasons in Business (and how to recognize when you are doing them)

Kelly_Robbins_PathMost of us got into business because we wanted to do good in the world. We wanted to help people and to make money doing it.

We are good people and do our best to always do the right thing. Most of you reading this are here because you are on a path to living consciously and focusing (with intention) on doing the right thing.

Many of us struggle to make the money we want and build our business. If you are banging your head against the wall and telling me “I am doing everything I know to do and am still not making the money I want to make. The guy down the street is doing less and making three times more than me – effortlessly! What am I doing wrong?”

It may not be WHAT you are doing but WHY you are doing it that is the problem. You are doing the wrong thing for the right reason.

How can you tell if you are doing the wrong thing for the right reason?

One way is to check in with yourself. You might be feeling frustrated. Inauthentic. Not experiencing growth. Having a stagnant or declining income. Lack of passion in your work or in your sales conversations. Like you are going through the motions of what you are “supposed to do” but lacking oomph.

Sometimes, in fact frequently when it comes to sales and marketing, we are doing the wrong thing for the right reason. The right reason being we want to help others, we want to grow our business, we want to support ourselves. These are all good reasons to promote ourselves. However, we sometimes take actions – particularly in sales and marketing – for the wrong reasons.

How does doing the wrong thing for the right reason show up in business and marketing?

  • Find out what everyone else is doing and copying it. When you do this you are going through the motions of marketing rather than following your intuition and doing what’s right for YOU.
  • Cutting back (shrinking) rather than expanding (growing). You and your business are either shrinking and dying or growing and expanding. Everything in existence is either growing or dying.
  • Thinking Field of Dreams was real…..If you build it they will come. Just because you open your massage studio doesn’t mean the clients will appear – you have to get the word out. It’s called sales and marketing.
  • Making decisions based solely on demographic information. You need to know this information, but it’s not everything. Pay attention to who comes, create what you want to create without making assumptions about how far people will drive and how much they will spend.
  • Assuming more clients = more money. You have to know your numbers. Don’t avoid them – embrace them.
  • Trying to make everybody happy and comfortable.

It’s not about the outward appearance of your actions but about the heart. When we do the wrong thing for the right reason we are often motivated by fear, trying to get recognition and approval from people (for example helping the homeless but then making sure everyone knows about it), or doing something because everyone else is (such as social media marketing).

Happy Copywriting!

– Kelly Robbins, MA

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