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Helping you create a life of freedom, independence and choice as an entrepreneur

KellyI believe that we all have the ability to create our lives on our terms – if we choose to. The power to do this lies within each of us. If you are here visiting my site you know it to be true.

Freedom. Choice. Empowerment. Independence. These words represent the business and lifestyle I can help you create by owning and running your own business.

Do you have a calling inside yet find yourself struggling to bring your dreams to fruition? Perhaps you have so many great ideas that you are overwhelmed with where to start. This calling to do more is typical for those of us born to be an entrepreneur.

Yet with all these great ideas and talents we still struggle…

You may find yourself in a position I was once in….working hard and “doing” all the right things, yet still struggling to get ahead and have the balance and lifestyle you desire.

Or you may be feeling unfulfilled, unhappy, or as if life is slipping by and you need to follow through on a calling. You have something to say but aren’t clear on what that is.

Change starts with a decision

I started my first business as a freelance copywriter back in 2001 because I was MISERABLE at my corporate J-O-B of 13 years. I felt out of balance not spending enough time with my three daughters and being there to take them to brownies and soccer and music lessons. I wasn’t at work enough either….it felt like a no-win situation.

When my third daughter was born I had had enough and summoned the courage to take the scary leap and quit.

My entire life I have always done the right thing. I went to college. Got married. Had three kids. Bought a custom home in the right neighborhood. Had a responsible job at a good fortune 50 company. I was secure, yet still felt unfulfilled.

I learned the hard way that ‘doing’ the right thing doesn’t always bring happiness and fulfillment – how I am ‘being’ is just as, if not more, important to creating a life of purpose and profitability.

I worked hard and built my copywriting business alone. I started as a ‘generalist’ and after a few years specialized in the healthcare industry. A local hospital hired me and I LOVED working with them for many reasons. I had been reading about choosing a niche and knew I had found my home working with healers.

I built my freelance copywriting business up to around 50K and, after a few years of success, my copywriting business starting dropping.

Knowing when to get help is an important factor to success

I hired a business coach and she taught me how to create income through other opportunities to my niche; selling information products online, teaching copywriting to businesses onsite, and adding consulting and coaching to my offerings. Discovering my love of coaching and the power of helping others build their dreams I started my third business venture, The Copywriting Institute, in 2005.

My journey, which included several periods of breakdown – rebuild – growth, started with a freelance copywriting business in 2000, and led me down an unexpected path of self-discovery, spirituality, and personal power.

During several years of growth and transition that followed, I learned that…

  • Doing all the right things because “I am a good girl and I do what I am supposed to” is a sure path to failure
  • Hitting rock bottom can inspire huge change quickly
  • I am a powerful woman and can go from zero to $23,000 in one short month
  • Going from a custom home to flat broke put my life on track and letting go allowed me to live my life with purpose
  • Connection with spirit makes anything possible. Faith and intuition are key components in any journey.

The better I get to know myself, the more open I am to seeing who and where I really am, the more I love myself for being me, the better able I am to live on purpose and help people on THEIR journey.

I took my business from near zero to $23,000 in one month. I truly believe if I can do it anyone can!

Some of the biggest lessons that I teach my business coaching clients:

  • To run a successful business you must build confidence in yourself and your abilities. Training with a coach or mentor is the only way to do that quickly and avoid “bright shiny object syndrome”.
  • Every business is unique. The only way to be successful is to live in your power and build your business your way.
  • How you are “being” is more important than what you are “doing”.
  • We are souls and came here with a purpose and to grow.
  • There are people that will only hear you. You have a responsibility to speak your truth and be heard.
  • The power lies within you. If you are not getting the results you want you are using your energy incorrectly. It is within your power to “fix it” or change. It’s energy –it’s not magic.
  • Faith is a must in business and in life. We all have to explore and discover what that means individually.

Today I live my life on my terms. I work from home and travel frequently. I work hard but have a flexible work schedule. I work with clients all over the world and feel completely fulfilled and on KellyRobbins_Skipurpose writing, teaching and coaching – helping people just like you start and build your life and your business your way.

Whether you are brand new and in the exploratory stages of starting a freelance copywriting business or have an existing business and are not getting the results you want, I can help. Creating what you want in life requires you to take action – probably a different action than you have ever taken before.

If you are serious about creating your life on your terms and would like to know more about your next steps, I’m happy to speak with you. Click here to schedule time with me now.

The journey is yours to take, but you don’t have to take it alone.

Kelly Robbins, MA

Founder, The Copywriting Institute