Helping You Create Your Life Your Way

You found us! You may be here to sharpen your copywriting skills and improve your marketing results. Perhaps you’ve come here to learn how to generate more qualified leads, and enjoy faster and easier sales. You may have a vision of starting your own freelance copywriting business and are searching for resources and training and how to get started.

If so, you’ve found the right place!

At The Copywriting Institute we coach and mentor people like you — entrepreneurs, marketers and copywriters — to make more money, build your business your way (no cookie-cutter businesses), and create a business that fits-in with the lifestyle you desire.

We believe in creating marketing pieces with a strong foundation that your business is here to help others – and while you grow your business, you are also creating your life the way you want to live. Living on purpose – it just seems to work. Most folks are happier, enjoy their work more, tend to find their ideal clients that appreciate them and their gifts easier. It’s how we were meant to live and create.

We are here to help you create your life on your terms – and that looks different for everyone. And just like your life is yours and looks different from everyone else’s, so should your business. We start from that premise with each of our clients. What do you want to create?

We find when people create their lives this way they are more likely to create a life of freedom, empowerment, independence, choice and liberty.

The Copywriting Institute brings you the best of two worlds. Copywriting, marketing and sales expertise combined with coaching and personal development know-how, designed to help you create your life your way.

We’ve got tools here for most everyone and I encourage you to explore our site. Feel free to email us any questions you have, sign-up for our e-zine, or schedule a consultation to learn more about how we can help.

Happy Copywriting!

Kelly Robbins, MA and The Copywriting Institute Team