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Create a profitable business as a freelance copywriter easily and effortlessly

You may have come here looking for a place to polish up your writing skills and teach yourself copywriting. Or maybe you’re ready to take the plunge into the world of freelance copywriting and need help knowing where to start and how to move your business forward.

Perhaps you’ve been searching for a way to make a living AND create a life with balance and joy.

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

The coaching and writing courses at The Copywriting Institute are designed to help you learn how to write outstanding copy AND how to build a successful business as a copywriter. Our sole purpose is to help you create the EXTRAordinary life you desire.

The life of a freelance copywriter is truly a dream life for many. A typical day is filled with flexibility, high profits, creativity, and passion.

We’ve designed The Copywriting Institute to help you learn the trade of copywriting and to make creating your EXTRAordinary life as easy and effortless as possible.

We’ve also provided you with the tools to learn how to start and run a business, find clients, set up systems to manage invoices and the dozens of other things that are involved in running a business.

The copywriting institute brings you the best of two worlds. Copywriting, marketing and sales expertise combined with business building systems and strategies.

The Copywriting Institute is designed to help YOU create a profitable business as a freelance writer AND learn how to write to sell, to persuade, to educate and to inform. We’ve also worked hard to find and develop the tools to help you create and design a life that YOU control and enjoy. An EXTRAordinary life.

Let me tell you a little bit about why I'm qualified to teach you how to create such a wondrous life….

Kelly has created a business empire while working from home.

Kelly, a mother with three kids, built a highly successful copywriting business in the healthcare industry in less than four years – she started when she had a newborn at home! Today she enjoys the flexibility of working from home and fitting copywriting projects in between her kids' activities and running her house. (She is known to work from her laptop at the swim and tennis club while her kids take tennis lessons and swim during the summer months.)

You too can create a life like this. A life as a freelance writer allows you the flexibility to set your own hours, work with clients YOU choose to work with, set your own fees, vacation at your leisure. Have a career that you design around your life, not the other way around.

It’s all up to you to make it happen.

Our goal at The Copywriting Institute is to provide you with easy access to the tools you’ll need to make it happen.

We’re here to help you.

  • Improve your writing skills

  • Create work life balance

  • Find high paying clients

  • Work with clients you enjoy

  • Create an EXTRAordinary life

  • Make over $100,000 a year easily and effortlessly

  • Learn to write all kinds of copy – not just high pressure direct mail

  • Enjoy life more, work less

Through products, classes and training, and personal and group coaching, we are here to help you create the life you want by writing great copy for clients.

Our mission is to help copywriters and aspiring copywriters learn to make high profits and create their ideal life through great writing, by creating marketing systems to generate a consistent stream of prospects, and living joyfully.

Learn about our copywriting training courses here

Kelly, What a fantastic site for new and aspiring copywriters!
Pete Savage

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